Friday, February 26, 2010

Seriously Dude?

I was totally going to post something else, but when I live in a room feet away from a small business office I get distracted.

Some guy just called, left his message, and then he tried to give his phone number. I say tried because it literally went like this (only with random numbers so don't call this hoping to get some lawyer) "My number is 387-1...." pause "uh, 387 - 1740. Had to think there, it's been a long day here."

Then, not 10 seconds later the phone rings again. "Hi, it's ___ again. I think I gave you our fax number. Like I said, long day. The office number is 387-1740."

Note, these numbers are exactly the same. Also, he said them like 17 & 40, as if they are not digits. I absolutely hate that. Gah. One. Seven. Four. Zero/O.

Now I will post this and get back to my originally scheduled blogpost.

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