Friday, February 05, 2010


I got free tickets to a PostSecret event. I'm pretty excited, even though there were supposed to be three of us going, and the person only got two we're gonna pretend like I didn't know and move on with life. :D

I was thinking what I would say if I had guts to stand up in a room where I will know two people total (unless someone else I know goes to Slippery Rock U?) and tell a secret. I couldn't even stand in front of 12 classmates and give a four minute presentation...There will be no soul bearing unless there is major alcohol consumption prior to the event. I hope I get to meet Frank. I won't, but I can dream.

This led me to think about all the things I don't tell people. And there's a reason I don't tell them. Would you want to hear that everything that comes out of your mouth makes me want to slap your hypocritical whiny face? No, didn't think so. But there are more personal things that I'm afraid to tell people the truth about, because no one would want to know me. Sure, everyone says they are open to people with different opinions, but they really aren't. Take hypocritical whiny face for example. Yeah, open to everything...As long as it goes along perfectly with her skewed vision of how the world should work.

Topics that I lie about consistently: religion, politics, abortion, race, gender "issues"

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Tasha said...

You can totally meet Frank.