Monday, February 08, 2010

Being Sick Sucks

Starting Wednesday the 3rd, I had a really bad cough. By Friday I was unable to speak and my throat felt like it was on fire. By Friday night, I was vomiting and trying to break my 102 degree fever. PS: Ibuprofen is about as useless as a fever reducer as paper.

Now, I hate doctors. Mainly because they are condescending. "Oh, you don't have a job? Well, then. A throat is this part of your body. And a cough is..." --I know this. Why do I know this? Well because I'm not two, and I happen to have more degrees than you, you idiot. I do not need a job to know what a cough is.-- But also because they generally prescribe medications that you don't need. And the more antibiotics you give a person, the more resistance to future medication they will become. It's really a simple model and as I learned it in Freshman biology, you'd think doctors would know this.

However, when my fever hit 103.3 and I was so confused I didn't know which way was left and couldn't remember how to walk...I decided it was time to call up a ride and go to the Urgent Care. Well, it took four minutes for her to not look at me, and write a prescription for something. She didn't explain anything to me, or even tell me what was wrong. For this, I spent every last fucking ounce of money I had left: $105. I then sat in a pharmacy for twenty minutes and took my free antibiotics back home.

I only have three left now. And I would really prefer if I had no cough. No more muscle aches from coughing. And especially no more coughing myself into dry heaves.

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