Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fuck Natural Disasters

So, call me heartless, but I don't care about the earthquakes or tsunamis or whatever that have been going on. No one I know was affected and I can't help, so it's pointless for me to care.

However, this most recent one in Hawai'i is one I care about. We haven't heard from my cousins since about 3 pm. And it's now 5:30, and while I realize they weren't on the's still kinda like "Um, can't we get some sort of iPhone update on Facebook or something?"

I'm sure they are fine, because I've been trying to be optimistic about stuff lately. But still, I'm worried.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Things On My Mind

Pretend italics are strikethroughs. Thanks.

1. I say this a lot. But I am sincerely disappointed that I went to college. Socially, it was the best thing for me. I mean, I'd be dead right now had I not met most of the people I did. However, financially it was the worst decision ever. I honestly do not understand the, "Oh. You went to college?" response when applying for jobs. I thought this was a good thing. Apparently I was wrong. The thing to do today is get a job right out of high school. Because then they don't assume you will just up and leave for a better job. Newsflash: If I am applying to be your dishwasher, there is clearly nothing better for me. I owe so much money that I can't pay back because my degrees have rendered me useless in today's society. Then there is the other end of the spectrum: Get a master's. Well, I never had the plan to go to Grad school. Mainly because I can't afford it, but also because, well, I don't want to. Especially not now that a B.A. is pointless. I can't imagine the responses I'll get when I have a M.S.

2. My dad's uncle died recently. No one from around here seemed sad or went to a funeral. I think I had only met him twice. But that doesn't make it any less sad. I hate when people do that - make it seem like just because we weren't best friends or super close that it isn't that big of a deal. When I got news that someone I knew from back home was murdered found dead, I was affected by it. I was affected because even though we weren't biffles who shared deepest secrets, I knew his family, I enjoyed his company...It doesn't matter than we weren't close, it still hurts to hear.

3. Tragedy. Irina winning Project Runway tragic. Kevin losing Top Chef tragic. Tyra Banks in general tragic. Losing your virginity to a cousin because you didn't know you were related tragic.
My favorite blogger, Meg McBlogger of 2birds1blog, has been fired. I will never know what became of Boss #1's vaginal issues. I am saddened that Russel THCW has left to become a deacon instead of coming out of the closet. But mostly, I am sad that she will be living a life compared to mine. A college graduate looking for a job like a lost lamb looking for its mother. Sigh. But! This gives her the opportunity to get a new job and we can be introduced to a bunch of new characters. (Assuming they don't sue her for freedom of speech defamation as they threatened.)

4. I'm probably going to piss someone off soon. But I can't bring myself to care. I mean, I'm sad that it had to come to what it's going to come to, apologies.

5. I miss Knox. I miss the convenience of food, the people (well, most of them), and I guess that's it. I don't miss the whiny politics of campus. I don't miss the people saying that the Greek system is the reason that people get raped. I don't miss people judging the Greek system based off nothing. I used to, but that was because I didn't understand it fully. Now that I do, I lose respect for people who are assholes about it.
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Seriously Dude?

I was totally going to post something else, but when I live in a room feet away from a small business office I get distracted.

Some guy just called, left his message, and then he tried to give his phone number. I say tried because it literally went like this (only with random numbers so don't call this hoping to get some lawyer) "My number is 387-1...." pause "uh, 387 - 1740. Had to think there, it's been a long day here."

Then, not 10 seconds later the phone rings again. "Hi, it's ___ again. I think I gave you our fax number. Like I said, long day. The office number is 387-1740."

Note, these numbers are exactly the same. Also, he said them like 17 & 40, as if they are not digits. I absolutely hate that. Gah. One. Seven. Four. Zero/O.

Now I will post this and get back to my originally scheduled blogpost.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This Is My Life

Go ahead and skip to 5:30ish. I mean, the rest is funny too, but that's where it gets valid.

Monday, February 22, 2010


-I'm so fed up with people acting like the world revolves around them. The center of the universe is not you.

-I am incredibly pissed that I have not gotten my hoodie from Amelia yet. It has been nearly 3 months (if we don't include winter break) and I fucking want it. I offered to pay for it to be shipped. I've reminded her. It's just getting ridiculous.

-I'm also fucking sick of winter. Our heater is still broken. I get cabin fever. Although, if it were not winter, I would still sit in my house because there is nothing to do here. And I hate it. At least I wouldn't be freezing half to death everyday.

So, yeah. That's what's on my mind right now.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Post Secret

Went to see a PostSecret event. And Frank tweeted this video of us doing the wave. I'm in it dawgs! I'm way in the back corner wearing green...I can see me, but I know where I was.

Best Spam Ever

I received the oddest spam message today. I normally ignore them, but I entered a contest and needed to make sure it wasn't marked as spam or something. And I found this beauty. I hope you can see it when you click on it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

So what if it huuuuuuuurts me?

I have this problem. And this is probably angering me more after having read this blog: 2birds1blog. Read it and love it. I have spare stickers that she sent me so you can pimp it out. But my problem is with people who call, let the phone ring to answering machine, listen to the entire 'leave me a message' spiel and then hang up. Mostly I am angry about it, because it just happened 4 times, with literally no pause in between.

And when you hear the phone ring 20 times within four minutes, you will want to stab things.

SERIOUSLY? You took the time to dial, listen to it ring four times, listened to the message, heard it beep, waited ten seconds and then HUNGTHEFUCKUP.

I don't answer the phone because it's my dad's business number as well as our home phone. And generally between the hours of 7 am (I shit you not) and 6 pm, the phone will not be for me. It is some guy who will tell me his life story if I answer. Thus, I ignore the phone...not to mention I usually wake up sometime between 2 & 2:30 pm...and actually sleep through the phone ringing like mad.

On a completely unrelated note - related only by "OMG I want to kill":
I really hate Lifetime movie commercials. I swear to Jesus, if I hear this damn "Sins of the Mother" theme song ONE MORE TIME. Well, I don't know what...but gawd, it is annoying. And it wouldn't be as bad if it didn't occur at every goddamn commercial break. Which is roughly every 10 minutes. And when you watch an hour and a half of Project Runway fun, this is enough to drive you insane. This song has played at least once since I started this entry...

That is really all at this point.

German Dreams

I had a dream that I was watching a movie with a class. And my papers kept falling off my desk and being really loud. So the professor came over, touched my shoulder to get my attention and then said, "Do you want me to keep those at my desk until the movie's over?" And I said, "Yes, please."

I remember I was in pain of some kind. It might've been a headache or something, but I was just like "I don't want to watch this movie and I could care less about my group presentation on gorillas when this is over."

But then I whipped out my phone and texted someone "Heidi Klum just touched me!" The reply was "Why?" "Cause she's my professor this term, duh."

I think I have a problem.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


So, I was doing a lab for school and the protocol was to collect as many of the things on the list as possible before lab was over. The things on the list: snakes & spiders. And not just like "collect this daddylonglegs" but like "find one python" and "find this brown recluse." When I suggested to my professor that this could be dangerous he said, "Well, we took the venom sacs out." OH OK. We were given a bunch of plastic bags and one of these:

So anyway, when we caught them, we were supposed to put them in a box, cover the opening with a sheet of paper to keep them in (seriously?) and then stack the boxes in our allotted space. So, my partner and I catch about seven things and our boxes are stacked up against the wall, but the top one is quite heavy. My partner, Freddie (I seriously know 1 person named Fred and we have interacted maybe twice in my life), goes running off to get the next thing on the list. I'm standing there while the boxes start to fall forward. Thus, I am standing there holding boxes of snakes and spiders up so they don't spill. Cause there would be nothing worse in this world than being covered in snakes and spiders. Trust me. Nothing.

I'm just yelling for help and Freddie (this is ridic on its own - me yelling the name Freddie over and over) while no one comes. And then I have to change position. And I kick something on the floor. And wouldn't you fucking know, one of the snakes has gotten out of its box and is sleeping in a bed sheet. It lifts its head out, does that snake head bob and flicks its tongue at me a couple times. Before sinking its teeth into my shin.

Then I woke up cause my body knows not to stay asleep to see what happens.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ten Things

Tasha tagged me to do a blog about ten things that make me happy. This was HOURS ago, and I don't know that I can think of ten things, lol. Which makes me sound like a depressed lump of life. And well, that's what I am.

1. Crocheting (and really crafting in general)
It's kind of sad how excited I get over yarn. Finding free patterns online is so thrilling. I love seeing the little animals and creatures that I make finally coming together. Also, I love the look of a magnet I just finished or a collage that gets it's final picture down. Sewing the final hem on something. Ah. It's just great.

2. Baking
I'm not very good at it yet, but it has the same effect as crocheting. I get a nice finished product, and I get to share it with other people. It's one of the easiest things to get compliments on. And as much as compliments make me uncomfortable, I still love them.

3. Sitting in Perkins
This sounds lame. But really, I can order a cherry coke (because I recently decided that diet coke is gross) and sit there talking with whomever is there for hours. It gets me away from the internet and allows me to have a legit conversation. I don't need to order food or anything, and our usual waitress, Dani, is pretty awesome.

4. Music
Everything about it. Acquiring a new song. And cliche-ly, listening to a song that has meaning. I could just lie in bed and listen to music all day. I would need nothing else. Well, food, know. And, more specifically, Snoop Dogg.

5. Receiving an email from someone unexpectedly
This mostly applies to professors and people I have not seen in awhile. It makes me happy to know that someone was thinking about me.

6. German things
More specifically: German Club at Knox, Heidi Klum, the food, the scenery, my relatives, the beer, being there

7. Being the right temperature
We have not had a heater since December. This is an issue for me. As I hate being cold. We also don't have windows that open, thus, in summer it is extremely hot in my house. But mostly I hate being cold.

8. Sharpies
Ridiculous and senseless. However, I really like looking at the pretty colors. And using them. It really just doesn't make sense, so I'm going to just stop trying to explain.

9. Board games
No explanation needed.

10. Sigma Frye
A sofernity that was born out of drunkenness. A group of (mostly) females who share a love of alcohol, hip-hop, partying, alcohol, and lesbians. Breakfasts at McDonald's. Punch pong. Award ceremonies. Alcohol. Craft parties. The best friends someone could have.

So, I'm supposed to tag 10 more blogs. But I don't think I even read 10 more blogs. So...I guess this chain ends with me. :/ Sorry.

Monday, February 08, 2010

no more bars. ever

I went out on Friday night because I had been stuck in my house for over a week. I had doubts about going and I really shouldn't have.

For starters, I hate Erie. So naturally, I would go to bars in Erie? Secondly, I was under the impression that we were going to like two bars. Not five. I hate bar hopping. I can't even drink because I'm on antibiotics. But I thought it would just be fine to hang out with people. Thirdly, I really hate when people talk about nothing but their boyfriends. And that is what happened.

Did I mention that I hate bar hopping?

Fourth, it was fucking freezing. I really wish I had driven separately, because I would've gone home. Erie, freezing, bar hopping...should've stayed home.

Don't get me wrong, I like hanging out with Mandy. I'm just probably never going to go to a bar again. Like, seriously ever.

Being Sick Sucks

Starting Wednesday the 3rd, I had a really bad cough. By Friday I was unable to speak and my throat felt like it was on fire. By Friday night, I was vomiting and trying to break my 102 degree fever. PS: Ibuprofen is about as useless as a fever reducer as paper.

Now, I hate doctors. Mainly because they are condescending. "Oh, you don't have a job? Well, then. A throat is this part of your body. And a cough is..." --I know this. Why do I know this? Well because I'm not two, and I happen to have more degrees than you, you idiot. I do not need a job to know what a cough is.-- But also because they generally prescribe medications that you don't need. And the more antibiotics you give a person, the more resistance to future medication they will become. It's really a simple model and as I learned it in Freshman biology, you'd think doctors would know this.

However, when my fever hit 103.3 and I was so confused I didn't know which way was left and couldn't remember how to walk...I decided it was time to call up a ride and go to the Urgent Care. Well, it took four minutes for her to not look at me, and write a prescription for something. She didn't explain anything to me, or even tell me what was wrong. For this, I spent every last fucking ounce of money I had left: $105. I then sat in a pharmacy for twenty minutes and took my free antibiotics back home.

I only have three left now. And I would really prefer if I had no cough. No more muscle aches from coughing. And especially no more coughing myself into dry heaves.

< untitled >

I want to write about something. But it would be a bad idea. So I will just let it build up until one day I just explode.

I just wrote out part of it, looked at it, and realized that it would still be stupid for me to post it. Not that the person it's about would read this. She's too concerned with her own "mission in life" to read some blog written by her friend.

Friday, February 05, 2010


I got free tickets to a PostSecret event. I'm pretty excited, even though there were supposed to be three of us going, and the person only got two we're gonna pretend like I didn't know and move on with life. :D

I was thinking what I would say if I had guts to stand up in a room where I will know two people total (unless someone else I know goes to Slippery Rock U?) and tell a secret. I couldn't even stand in front of 12 classmates and give a four minute presentation...There will be no soul bearing unless there is major alcohol consumption prior to the event. I hope I get to meet Frank. I won't, but I can dream.

This led me to think about all the things I don't tell people. And there's a reason I don't tell them. Would you want to hear that everything that comes out of your mouth makes me want to slap your hypocritical whiny face? No, didn't think so. But there are more personal things that I'm afraid to tell people the truth about, because no one would want to know me. Sure, everyone says they are open to people with different opinions, but they really aren't. Take hypocritical whiny face for example. Yeah, open to everything...As long as it goes along perfectly with her skewed vision of how the world should work.

Topics that I lie about consistently: religion, politics, abortion, race, gender "issues"

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

So, my rats died sometime today.

So It's February?

Apparently it became February while I was lying in bed trying not to have my blood boil. I went to the doctor yesterday and thank god my Oma sent me money at Christmas cause it was $105. I almost had a heart attack when she told me that. Then she suggested I go across the street and apply for the Welfare health insurance and then come back, but I know I don't qualify because I'm not pregnant (?), PLUS I was starting to get confused by everything cause my temperature was so high. While I was waiting to get called back, the carpet design looked like it was moving. When I finally went back the nurse said, "With your left hand, put this under your tongue." And I looked at both of my hands, and COULD NOT figure out which one was my left one. She just put it in my hand for me. I kept waiting for them to call Dr. House because I was too confused to do anything.

However, I did get a free prescription. But with the side effects I'm having right now, I would've gladly paid for something better. Blurred vision, dizziness, nausea...on top of that I've had a bowl of soup and a hot dog in two days...and want nothing more than to sleep. Last night I was feeling really hot, so I wasn't under any blankets. And then like an hour later, I woke up freezing and soaked because I had sweated out my fever. Unfortunately I sweated out a little too much cause my temp went from 101 to 96.

Good news: I feel fine today (aside from the side effects) and my temp was a perfect 98.6 when I woke up.

$105? I honestly can not even begin to understand this. Is it cause it's a walk-in clinic? And it's convenient? WHAT THE FUCK?