Friday, January 15, 2010


I was going through my dream posts and realized that I forgot to post about the dream that had Dolly Parton as a special guest.

I'm next door at my Aunt's house for a party hosted by my cousin. But her name is different and she is being a huge bitch. My cousin is not a huge bitch in real-life. Anyway, she was having this party with all her stupid annoying friends (quite literally they were stupid) and my friend Kristi was there. (Pause: have not talked to this person in years. Like, I don't even know if I spoke to her at anytime while I was at Knox aside from a brief encounter at her work...) But, we are over at the fire pit just chillin, when I notice that the fire is spreading at an alarming rate.

The dog cage is relatively close to the pit, but nothing usually dangerous, and in the dream it is filled with dead leaves and some withering plants (not unlike withered rice on Farmville...) and they catch fire. And the fire is spreading through Miley's cage (hey, its not my dog...) and my cousin and her friends are ignoring it. So, I let Miley out and I go up to the house, because they have moved inside and my cousin turns to me, "Why did you let the dog out? That was fucking stupid." "Um, her cage was on fire. What is wrong with you?" "I only invited you to this party because you never come to anything we have and I didn't think you would show up..." "Why are you being such a bitch?"

Then, y'all...This woman sitting in a rocking chair looks over at me and says, "Stop being so mean to your cousin." I was like "Um, she was going to let her dog burn to death..." Then I realize that she is Dolly Parton, only she looks about 120 years old, cause her face is all wrinkled and shit. So I go next door to my house and tell my dad to go over there and straighten them out, cause even Dolly is on their side. And then I go to my back door (which you can't open from the outside in real life) and Kristi and I go inside. And then to get to my bedroom, we crawled through the fridge.

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