Saturday, January 09, 2010

Those Darn African Bees

Dream time!

I'm not positive, but I think I was on a flight back from Germany with a class (I guess, there was a teacher and like 20 people my age) and when we got close to this town, I rememeber saying "Can't we just jump out instead of going all the way to Cleveland and then back?" and people laughed. And then when we got to the PA/Ohio border the plane turned into a school bus and drove the rest of the way to the airport. But on the way, we made a pit-stop so people could see what the future is like. (Ok, honestly, your guess is as good as mine as to what. the. fuck. that means.) And we were helping someone rebuild a fence or something and it was cold, so I wearing mittens. And then someone shouted "Watch out for the bees!" It wasn't like there were bees everywhere, just a general statement that there are several bees around.

So I pick up this piece of wood and I felt something on my fingers and there are two bees (much larger than real life, but not comically large) chillin on my mitten. So, naturally, I panic and try to take my mitten off, enclosing them inside when one's stinger breaks off, and implants itself into my ring finger knuckle. I pull it out, and start crying. (Pause! I don't get stung by bees. Because I make it my life goal to stay the eff away from them. But, when I was like 8, I was walking down my street with a handful of goldenrod and I got stung by a bee on my thumb knuckle. Also, while I was on my way home, crying, I sat down on a stump, and then bees came out of it and chased me home. I. Do. Not. Do. Bees.) So, the teacher is like, "Why is she freaking out? Is she allergic?" "No. It just hurts so bad." Said dramatically by me.

And then: The bees revolt and start swarming around everyone...And I don't remember anything else from this scene aside from me yelling, "It's the Africanized Honey Bees! They've taken over!" And then running onto the bus, getting into the fetal position, and crying.

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