Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Obligatory Post (cause I haven't in awhile)

I got an email about German Club (which I won't get anymore cause I don't know my password, and thus can not change it. Plus I thought they would've deleted my account by now. I don't actually want to stop, but feel I need to let go...) and it made me miss Knox. I wish I could get a job there, or...go back, lol, but I know that in like 2 years I will have no friends left there. And then I will be sad. Although seeing Tim, Heather & Sonja more often is always a good thing. And Frank. I like Frank.

New mouthwash! I was using whitening, but I think it has peroxide in it, because it created this terrible paste that never left my mouth. Regardless of how much tongue scraping I did. Now I'm using strawberry flavored! Yay. It makes me want to smile more, now that my teeth will be less gross.

Did I mention that I miss Knox?

I just gave my rats treats. Sometimes I feel bad that I don't play with them more. But they really hate being held. And so I open the cage, stick my hand in, they sniff it, and then look for a treat. :( I really like them, it's just...they don't like me. lol.

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