Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm shaking...

Sometimes my body shakes. Like I'm having a mini seizure. But it's really nothing like a seizure in the sense that I worry for my health - I smell or taste nothing funny, I don't have deja or jamais vu. I don't really have any seizure symptoms other than muscle twitching. I think I just have some nerves that get a little unhappy every once in awhile. Mostly the muscles that shake are my arms and my upper back (shoulder area). Also, maybe they are tired and they don't want to work anymore. I can't tell. Or maybe right now I am just shivering.

I just know that trying to fall asleep when your arms are twitching uncontrollably is really quite distracting.

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starbravado said...

sometimes i get these sharp stabbing pains throughout my body -like in my arm, leg or heart. they're alarming, but only last a few seconds, so i've never looked into it :-/