Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm drunk, thus amusing.

So, perhaps starting shots of whiskey at 2:34 am is a bad idea. But I am in a much better mood then before I started drinking. I was literally having a quarter life crisis before I busted out the whiskey.

Also, I miss nearly everyone from Knox College. I loved that school regardless of how much shit I talked. Like, if I could donate money to that shit, more than the $10 I gave to German Club, I would....well, only to Alumni Hall to have it named after me or German Club. Cause I loved German club. I wish I could post a note with that $10 that said, "Thanks for giving me great friends and memories."

Even though there was a deathly spider in my tent when we went camping. And even though I went the wrong way down a one-way street in Davenport. And even though speaking in front of a class was terribly terrible. I loved my German class. I love you people...except Owen, let's be serious here. And I'm drunk, so I am incapable of lying. (ps: Owen, if you read this, which you might, cause you're kinda creepy: I did not appreciate the endless gazes at my breasts...Also, you wore the exact same outfit everyday for three terms. That's thirty weeks of the exact same hoodie/jean/sneaker combo...seriously dude?)

Who knew having a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bottle of Wild Turkey (101 proof) would come in so handy?

No, but more seriously. What can I say about a place like that? People like S-dawg (Sonja) and Tim & Ginny getting me through so many emotional crises. Classes like German and Theories of Personality that introduced me to such wonderful peeps. I miss the following non-SF people so much, it's ridic (in no order): Timmy, Tasha, Amelia, Ellen, Julia, Anna, Morgan, Maddi, Kleine Sonja, Lisa, and I will feel bad if I forgot someone. Oh right, Sonja, Tim, Judy, Heather, Frank, Stuart, Ginny, Jennifer, and OF COURSE: TKE!

And fucking Sigma Frye. Let me tell you about this shit. I have never met a bunch of greater people in my life. And I've lived in many places, including other countries! (Ok, so I was 2 when I lived in Germany, don't hate). I loved every McDonald's breakfast run, ER marathon (clearly only the seasons with lesbians), Project Runway/Top Chef/America's Next Top Model viewing party, punch pong, frat party, gallons of vodka/rum/whiskey, random trips to Target, hanging out in the psych lounge, zoo trips (and Hooters!), picking pumpkins, seeing wildlife in the prairie, psychology department party, impromptu lunch dates, etc. The list goes on and on. You truly saved me from certain destruction. I love you guys. And wish that it never had to end. We partied til the end. And even moving out of the Fun Zone was hard to do. Cause it meant the end of the Fun Zone. I will get the tattoo someday. When I have enough money to pay my bills, eat, AND get a sweet tat.

ps: i have this like unhealthy obsession with Reba McEntire right now. I watch her show like 4 times a day and whenever I'm in the car I listen to the song at the end of this post.
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Tasha said...

I miss you too! German Club isn't the same.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!