Thursday, January 28, 2010

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I realized that I started my blog six years ago (in June). I went back through reading entries from 2004 and decided that I am better than I was then. Better emotionally, although not as better as I would want.

My throat kinda hurts and I've been coughing a lot. Getting sick right now would sadden me, as OTC medicines are way too expensive and going to a doctor is completely out of the question. I should sue the heater part company, because it has been over three weeks since we ordered our motor. It has yet to come. Our house is fucking cold.

I keep a picture of my two grandmas in a frame on my desk. I am in the background. I don't remember this visit, but they both look so happy. I wish I could see my German grandma more often than every 4-6 years. It will probably be the most devastating thing when she dies. I started crying just now thinking about it. I will refrain from posting the rest of that thought.

I need a Halloween costume by Saturday, unless I am too sick to go to the party. I wanted to be Pam from the office, but I can't wear button up shirts (as my breasts just bust out...) and I own none. I could borrow a cardigan, but I also have no khaki shirt. Or Keds. Or a small trophy so I could be Pam on The Dundees. Sigh...

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