Friday, January 08, 2010


My God. I am never going to a reunion. I am never going to homecoming. I am never going to do anything that shows how unsuccessful I am. And while I'm happy for you people who get jobs doing what you want. And how you are not in so much debt, you are surprised that they haven't repossessed you, yet. And how you found that person that makes you happy... I don't want to hear about it anymore.

That's right. I don't care how many weeks, months, years you are celebrating with your mate. I don't care about how happy you are. Because I'm not. I'm not doing either of those things. And since I am in a circular hell (ie: I can not get a job unless I move. Yet, I can't move because I have no money...because I don't have a job), nothing is ever going to get better.

The end.

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