Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This Baby Has Two Parts

(This is a dream. I almost forgot to tell people that...)

Part 1: I'm getting ready for Knox's 2010 Graduation (ie: putting on jeans to go sit and watch) when I get news that I'm pregnant. (and by news, I mean dream me is like "oh, i'm pregnant...") I know who the father is, but I'm afraid to go and tell his sister so I decide to just skip out on graduation all together and start driving away in my little red corvette (shout out to Prince). I hit a dead end and instead of backing up 12 feet and going down the side road, I get out of my car and start running up the dead end, because it's not really a dead end, but instead the junction of roller-coaster tracks from Knox. Then I came to a bridge and I could either climb it and risk being hit by a roller-coaster (wut?) or get back in my car. I get back in my car, and take the aforementioned road. Which takes me back to the graduation, and turns out, I am stuck there until I inform his sister that I am pregnant. So I go find this Korean woman and I'm like "So, I hear that you are his sister." (FTR, his name is never said....) "Yes." "Well, I'm pregnant." "You better tell our other sister." (What is with these people!?) She turns and points to this woman in the stands, and I freaked out.

So I walk over to her, tap her on the shoulder, and when she turns around, I just started crying and said "Oh hi." Because, you know, why would I want to tell Sonja that I'm having her brother's baby? So, we sit in the German section of graduation (I don't think she even goes to those, let alone with her own section) and they are doing their graduation crap. So then, I was like "I think you know" or something and she says "Yes" and I get in my corvette again, hold up my giant POW-MIA flag (wut?) and drive behind the ceremony and everyone claps for my flag...

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