Thursday, December 31, 2009

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good-bye!

So here it is. My final blog post of the most-shitastic year (and maybe decade?) of my life: FAREFUCKINGWELL 2009. (And its going to be a looong one.)

It wasn't that terrible:
2000 - Became really good friends with Melissa & Aaryn. This led to amazing people like Dominic, Seth, Brittney, Brett, and numerous other people who helped make Stats with Mrs. Nancy A. entertaining.

2004 - I graduated high school with a 3.7 (because of our stupid weighting system...I actually had a 4.0). I went to Germany. Went to NC for the first time. Saw Ani DiFranco in concert.

2006 - Discovered Knox. And while I complained for 3.5 years while was actually the best time ever. Ginny.

2008 - Two words: Sigma Frye (well, and Sonja (oder Die Sonjas), Amelia, Julia, Timmi and so many other people that I became super friends with).

2009 - Graduated college. And even though I spent a good portion of this year sitting around hoping for a job or career, it was probably the best of all the years (and the worst). The last portion of my senior year in college was probably the year of my life I will remember the most. I met so many amazing people (Tasha & Anna to name a couple) and became so close with Mandy.

And now, for the fun flashbacks of all the things that you hate to remember:
  • Mrs. Nancy A.'s statistics class.
  • The bomb threats at my high school during 2003-2004, which outnumbered snow days.
  • Robbie.
  • Anatomy with Prof. Mountjoy. (Don't get me wrong, I like him. Hated that class.)
  • And on that note: eating a piece of rotting shark during Anatomy lab.
  • Getting bacon grease in my eye (that actually happened today)
  • The loss of Bea Arthur (We love you Dorothy!)
  • Breaking down in Gary, IN (while it was the crime capital of the US) and sitting/sleeping in a garage for 8 hours...Thanks Seth for having AAA.
  • Hearing the news that Capt. Whiskers, my beloved hamster, had died.
  • George Bush, Jr. was president. Twice.
  • Watched someone have a bad trip. Not. Fun.
  • And finally, I left college. I would go to college forever if I could afford it.
And with this, I say, Farewell 2009. May 2010 be better for all. Or else I may have to slit some wrists.

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