Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh, those Ukrainian Blonds...

So I had this dream that it was graduation...and I was saying good-bye to all sorts of people at Knox and then I came to table with the ones that I had been looking for. There was some guy sitting on Tim's lap, and Tim kept reaching down between the guy's legs to dip his bread into the "apple-pie bread dip." (It was an actual bowl of dip that was located between this guy's legs it wasn't...code for something.) And I heard Sonja's voice, but there were three blond women at the table, and I swear to God, I couldn't figure out which one was her...They all said hello to me & Molly, and that was the only thing that made me tell. One was from the Ukraine (wut?) and the other was...something...and then Sonja was sitting behind the Ukrainian (like, in the same chair, but like, chair spooning) with her arms around her. "Hello Stef." "Hello." "You didn't come just to say good-bye did you?" "Yes, actually I did." She takes her arms from this woman's bodice and leans back in her lawn chair. She starts spouting all this inspirational bullshit and stuff and then she takes a bite of the bread with the dip, puts on sunglasses, stares up at the sky and says (I shit you not...) "And remember, Lederhosen cost less when you are on crack."

I'll let that sink in before I continue the dream. Go ahead, take a minute.

Well, her little Ukrainian friend nudges her with her elbow and she has me pull myself in really close and whispers something. But the crowd outside the school has gotten really loud, so I can't hear her. And I keep saying "I can't hear you, what?" (Now, normally right before I hear the words of wisdom, the dream ends, BUT!!!) For some reason, after like the fifth time, it gets nearly completely silent around me (like, everyone is still loud, but the two of us aren't affected (effected?)) and she says "Life carries on."

And then, because dreams are exactly like real life, which is exactly like the movies: Carrie Underwood's "So Small" starts playing, but only this part, and ON REPEAT.
Sometimes that mountain you've been climbing
Is just a grain of sand
What you've been out there searching for forever,
Is in your hands
When you figure out love is all that matters, after all
It sure makes everything else
Seem so small

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