Sunday, December 13, 2009

Feminism Makes Me Upset Again

My apologies (kinda) if this is offensive to any of my regular readers...But if silence is not an option, then I should be allowed to voice my opinion too.

Ok, clearly I am upset about this because I'm sooo into "rape culture" and because I clearly am all about men ruling the earth (yeah, sarcasm, but that's basically how I feel every time I read one of Lindsay's post from, and especially the Rape Culture and Christmas Songs)

I will sum it up: She takes one song and talks about how Christmas songs are all about "coercion, intentionally getting someone drunk for the purpose of sex, the idea that not wanting to have sex hurts a man's pride, female purity that needs to be protect by family members, slut-shaming by the community and date rape [being] immortalized in holiday song and cheer."

Ok, 1. I barely ever agree with anything this person says (heaven forbid I label her with a gender specific term such as 'girl, female or woman'). 2. What? or to use internet speak "wut?"

I just want to point out, that I listened to the original version of this song (written in 1944), when it was considered wrong for a woman to stay overnight with a man unless they were married.

Ok, NOW, to the real reason why it pisses me off. The song has no coercion that I can see. The man doesn't drug her or anything; she actually is the one who asks for more, under what seems like no pressure. The woman is the one worried about her image (in 1944, remember that). She is talking about her family being worried that she hasn't come home. What DATE RAPE?? I don't even see anything mentioning sex. In any way. It is everyone else's mind that you assume they are going to fuck the night away, obviously against her will. If she didn't want to be there, she could get up and leave. My God, he didn't throw her down.

OH. AND Lindsay, it's ONE GOD DAMN SONG. I didn't realize that Jingle Bells, Let It Snow, Away in a Manger, Carol of the Bells, Frosty the Snowman, Silver Bells, or you know, every other song I've ever heard were all about rape. Correct me if I'm wrong. Like, I'm being completely serious about being corrected. Especially if you are Lindsay. Cause, really...

I'm sure I could twist everything I read, see, or hear into the way that I want them to be, but I choose not to.

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