Wednesday, December 09, 2009

BTW, I'm published...

Yeah, ok, so I'm really bad at photoshopping, but I totes made that cover. Just the green stuff and the hand...the off centered title box was produced by the publishing company. Also, bad at naming things, so my cousin Rae named it. And unless you are completely daft, you will realize that the black thing is a censor bar over my middle initial and last name so as to not get any creepers on my blog hunting me down.

Shout out to all those people who graduated from my college with a degree in Creative Writing in 2008 who have yet to be published! (You know who you are!) That's right, I'm totally rubbing it in your faces that I got a degree in Psychology (and Biology, but who the hell cares about that one?), haven't written shit in about, OHHHHH, seven years (when I took CW in high school), and yet managed to write a novel.

Granted, it's about nothing and a ton of random things you find in Lifetime Originals, but...nonetheless I have an ISBN. I'm never going to put it up for sale, because they are requiring me to price it at $20, and UH, NO cause it's only 142 pages and has like ohsomany editing issues that my editor (RAE!) missed, but whatever. I didn't say I had something perfect published, I said that I got something published. And now I leave you with this epic quote from the main character of my book:

"Why are we in my bedroom? What job am I interviewing you for? My sex slave?"

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