Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Band Of Robbers

I had a dream that while I was washing my hair (the right side of my head only?) my aunt came over and told me that they had caught the person/people who were making phone calls to people, pretending to be someone else. To uncomplicate things: They were scamming people and everyone in the area knew about it.

Anyway, she was telling the story of how the cops answered one of the calls, and they gave some information away about their location, and in the end the cops stormed the building they were in. Or whatever, and then my aunt looks at me, my head all underwater still and says, "Do you know who they were?"
"A band of robbers."
"Who were dogs."

And no, fine people who read this (hey Tasha!), she did not mean dog as in the term for someone who is morally reprehensible (thanks google!). She meant straight up, eatin' Gravy Train, peeing on trees, licking themselves dogs.

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Tasha said...

I just wrote a blogpost about my dog.
And then I looked at new blogposts and you had just written about a dream about dogs.
It was meant to be.