Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Anyway, Back to My Dreams...

words in italics = comments about the dream

Not really sure how this one started, but my dad and I, and a bunch of other people are sitting in this building (one of the other people sitting there is Cherie from my high school). I am wearing a red, crushed velvet dress. It looked like this:, and my breasts FIT! What?!? I know, crazy. But anyway, that's important later...we're in this building and that's when the soldiers bust open the door swinging their automatic weapons around. I was thinking, "This all seems so familiar, but from what?" when Cherie is pushed out the door and the guys are like "Single file to the other room. Follow him!" I should specify that 'him' is another soldier, not Cherie. They break up the group, and my dad & I are shoved into the room with her, but Cherie is already gone. There are about twelve other people in the room and I say to myself. "Oh, right...the Nazis. Only, this time it's not about Jewish people."

Now, any normal dream would've just given up...but no. Not mine. Let's continue...

They put us in this room so we wouldn't be able to see or hear their plans for murdering everyone. Now, why they left the other hundreds of people in the other room is as confusing for me as for you. But we saw the way that Cherie escaped and so my dad & I follow. And when we get outside, he disappears (to our house) and I'm stuck in the winter in this tiny little dress. Well, some of the lookouts see me, and they are like "Ooh, there's one now! Look at that hot little dress!" (Pause, if you know my body type...I am not hot in any way...but in the dream I looked like a normal person, un-pause) I start running through the woods, trying to make the dress longer, because originally it goes to about three inches below my vagina. Well, this is when I realize that they only hate lesbians...

I am not a lesbian, but I grabbed this blue ivy plant (it really has no purpose, but it sticks out in my memory) and run up and down shrub lines yelling, "Please! I need someone with a penis to have sex with me so this guy won't kill me! Please! Penis!" Either there is no one in the bushes, or no one has a penis, but either way, I keep running toward my house because they aren't allowed to go into your house. (PS: This is exactly how it happened during the real Holocaust. Seriously, look it up. No Nazi ever broke into someone's house...Right.) I'm running down the street with that stupid ivy vine in my hand still, and y'all, I looked at it and said "Why do I have this in my hand?" and threw it to the ground. This may be the most normal thing that has ever happened in one of my dreams... They are chasing me still and I hear one say "Let's rape her!" But I get onto my porch and into my house and my dad is like, "Oh, you made it?" "Yeah, but no thanks to this dress."

The end. Literally, that's how it ends...What? I get no closure on why the Nazis were attacking lesbians, or why they thought I was one? Boo.

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