Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quarter Life Crises

Not five minutes ago, I was peeing. And while I was peeing I came across a mahvelous idea. I now have four options for my life (cause my cousin keeps backing out of the whole Stef becomes the live-in nanny know, by not getting pregnant.)

1. Kill myself because I am sitting around wasting gas to go apply at every place of business in Meadville, Guys Mills, Saegertown, and all the other cities/towns within twenty miles of my house. I also killing trees with every application that gets the overqualified stamp of disapproval. Also, I'm being kind of dick to my bank by making them pay off my debts with my overdraft protection. Because I have $6 in there.

2. Run away to Germany to live with my Grandparents who will love me and get me fresh poppy seed buns every morning to eat with the delicious mixed berry jam. I can then also use my free time to take pictures of beautiful cityscapes and the country side, and become an expert in beer drinking. Also, I can get some sweet job making the aforementioned poppy seed buns of pure joy. Seriously, the buns at the bakery down the street from their apartment are like mouth orgasms. Ok, this option is looking so much better with every passing second. Or! I could work in Legoland. OR! OMG, the zoo in Munich. God, please let this one be the one that happens, k?

3. Get off my high horse and work in a factory. Factories are below me ever since I got my TWO degrees. I have moral issues with the fact that this town prides itself in its plastics...cause plastics might make it possible (whatever the hell that means), but they also make it possible for poor little sea turtles to choke to death. And I'm all about sea turtles. My nickname iused to be CrushDude...well, not really. (Yeah, Finding Nemo reference, I'm that awesome.) But seriously, if I read over #1 enough times, I will get over the fact that I am way overqualified, and that they will pay me to cut the excess off some stupid, useless piece of plastic, while I burn the shit out of my fingers.

4. I'm just going to sit in my room/the pub library studying for the MAT and then get into Edinboro's Masters in Counseling program. And then I will dedicate the rest of my life (for two years) to researching bullying and either its relationship with adoption or this other one that is hard to explain, so I will use examples. Ex. 1: A girl is picked on because she would rather play sports than with barbies. Ex. 2: A boy is picked on because he would rather color than play football. Basically gender role "rebels" who get bullied. (I'm totally basing this off my childhood and my cousins.) The only holds I see with this one are: it costs money to go to grad school, some parents don't tell their children they are adopted, and how do I operationalize gender stereotypes/roles and bullying. (And I'll just send a shout-out to Tim Kasser, Ph.D. for making me think that last one.)

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