Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Dreams Are Epic (and long)

I think my unconscious read my blog post. Cause I had a dream that I remembered! Another long one, but after I die, it gets really effed up)
Some things that may help this dream flow and make a little bit of sense:
  • Ochocinco is a player for the Bengals
  • Seth has one sister, we have never met, and she is the oldest
  • I read a "feminist" blog post last night that did nothing but bash men (sexism goes both ways)
  • Nick was not my favorite Backstreet Boy, just sayin'
Ok, so I do believe this dream starts out in my high school and I'm walking down the hall to my class with, yeah you guessed it, Sonja (cause what other teacher has ever made an appearance?) Class lets out and I pull my jacket on and put my bag on my shoulder (seems not important, but just...calm yourself). I begin to walk away, but she stops me and says, "So, I just wanted to point out that Nick is here and he's giving out candy. And since it's your birthday, you might want to get a piece." She smiled and then leaned in really close, "I don't hate all men."

Cut to me walking down the hall and get to my locker just in time for Nick to be walking past and he hands me a stick of gum and says, "Happy Birthday" and kisses me on the cheek. There's no foil left on it, just this flimsy little wrapper that says "Pink." Well, I get pissed because everyone else got suckers, but I should feel special because mine is different. But after he walks away, I take a bag of blowpops out of the locker next to mine and shove the gum in. Now it's time for me to go to lunch. But I exit the science wing and scurry past the cafeteria so the teachers can't see me.

I end up in this room that is similar to the area just inside Knox's library, with the soft chairs around a table. And there are two professors sitting there and I take off my coat and bag. We started talking about shit and before you know it, it's time for me to go home, cause it's 3:58. But while I'm pulling on my jacket and putting my bag onto my shoulder (see) the exact same way as before, a CD labeled "mom" falls out of my pocket. I keep trying to hide it before I they see it, but they do and start making snide comments about Sonja, who BTW is not my mom in this dream. And then I said, "Why is it so bad to have a role model? And she's not like other feminists that just bash men. She told me she loves some men. And that not all men are dicks."

So I button up my coat and take my CD and start walking home. I meet up with a bunch of people and we get to the edge of this forest thing. I don't remember why, but I ended up walking into the woods and got attacked by these giant spiders. And I don't just mean giant for a spider, we're talking like grizzly sized spiders. My friends started yelling, "Ochocinco! Watch out!" and one of the spiders bites me in the back of the leg. From the ground I can see the white stuff gather on their lips and then they morphed into aliens and hatcheted me to death. (end of dream? HECK NO!)

Ok, so while I'm dying, I go on what can closely be described as an acid trip. I could hear my friends yelling for me, that they didn't want me to die, and that they were going to miss me, but it started being drown (is that the word/tense) out by white noise, accompanied by rainbow colors and these little white blobs with faces dancing. After floating through this, I end up back on Knox campus, but covered in blood and surrounded by other students covered in blood.

Well, it's Flunk Day and all us dead students are pissed that we can't go, so we make our own and invite the live people. (Something about dying before we finished something...I don't know, think Casper.) So, while people are setting up the slip & slide bowling alley, I start walking around looking for Sonja to say good-bye (because that is my unfinished business, and if you know me in any way or have read my blog ever, this is what I would do in real life... or real death?) However, I get side-swiped by Seth's family and his dad is like "OH HEY!" and I'm like "Yeah, Hi. Look I gotta go find someone" and he's like "Why don't you play with Emily?!!" "Um, who?" "Seth's little sister Emily. We've been hiding her."

So I take her into this abandoned house (naturally) and I do this tarot-like thing with the letters of her name and she starts freaking when I get to the E, so I end up stopping. They disappear and I see all the dead people having lots of fun out the window, so I get on Facebook to find out why the hell I haven't seen Sonja. I search her name and I can read her status and it says, "Sonja ___ has gone back to her old teaching school in Greenville, Pa." "WHAT!?!" Oh wait, that's not her, because she doesn't even have a Facebook. And so I go back outside and one of the friends that was in the woods with me, puts a purple tiara on me. And tells me I have to play with the slip & slide bowling. So while they're hooking her up, I run like hell away and I'm looking at everyone in the crowds, just wanting to get my unfinished business out of the way because I want to cross-over. And then I finally spot her, walk up and say, "Hey, I just needed to say..."


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