Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Wanna Cool Rider, Too

Here's an idea, and it's way out there too:

How about someone in this family make a decision. I currently have 13 emails in my inbox about Thanksgiving.
Do we have a location? no
Do we have a day? no
Do we have a time? no
Do we have a turkey? 2
Who's cooking it? WHO KNOWS

This is the current situation:
About two weeks ago the email started "So, what does everyone think?" Everyone's reply was "not Thanksgiving day, but free otherwise." Yesterday, I was like "Ok, well its in a week, so perhaps we should pick a day for next weekend to do this." Every reply was "Saturday is good, but Sunday works too. What should I make?" To be completely honest, I couldn't give two shits about what food you make. How about we decide whose house, what time, and then we go on planning the menu? GAH!

I'm so effing close to just saying "Look, as Event Planner for an organization that I helped to start at Knox, I'm going to plan every Holiday gathering. Unless it is your child's birthday, let me do it. Because I want to get things done and on my Google Calendar. And I don't want to be sitting around at a friend's house when I get a call saying "Ok, time for Christmas!" because you guys couldn't decide whether or not to go to Grandma's or not."

HOWEVER (Rae, back me up), I know that if I said, "OK, I say we shoot for eating at 5 on Saturday at Grandma's. But we just bring everything so she doesn't have to work so hard." Half the people will get pissed because of the time I chose for eating (whether too early or too late). And at least one (a specific one) will get upset that someone like me chose, because I'm not an adult. (I'm sorry, I thought that voting, graduating college, entering the job market, and attempting to live on my own for the past 4 years was being an adult...I didn't catch the memo that you have to be married to be an adult).

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