Friday, November 27, 2009

I like when people tell me that they will do things and then one of these things happens:

1. They don't

2. They assume something that is wrong

3. I get pissed

4. All of the above

That would be why I didn't sleep last night. I was up ALL NIGHT after getting home at 10:30 pm. Because I thought I was going somewhere. And then I get a text saying that they left already and figured we'd meet up later because they didn't know I was home.

I was under the impression that MY CAR in the driveway was a good indicator. Or maybe the "Yes, I want to go with you. Let me know when you are leaving," wasn't specific enough.

I have no gas. Or gas money. I have the worst road rage in the world. I don't want to meet you anywhere unless it is your house. Which happens to be next door to mine...

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