Saturday, November 14, 2009

dream of death

Ok, this dream is going to be just bits and pieces in the second half cause I can't really remember it all.

I was with two other people, walking through the woods and came onto a field. (This would make much more sense if you knew the first house I lived in.) And then we walked past a garden, and there was a tiny little bear cub sleeping. Instead of stopping, cause I knew the mom would flip a shit, I just ran past and I was really sad that I couldn't take a picture. We went into the front yard (which is the front yard of my current house) and saw the golf cart was now across the street. We looked into the small group of trees and saw some witchdoctors standing around the mom. One of them spotted us and started chasing us. She had really long dreads, and when I turned to see where she was, she was only a few feet away and morphed into a bear. We got into the golf cart and tried to drive away, but she somehow died. I think she got shot.

So, second half: The three of us get to this building that resembles a museum. Some things happen and a baby T-Rex gets loose and starts chasing us around. Other stuff happens, we lock him in a room. He sees us running away and breaks through a window in that room. More chasing. In the end, I get eaten. (Kind of like a pathetic Jurassic Park)

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