Thursday, November 19, 2009

Car Crashing

I was up until about 5:45 a.m. working on NaNo...I didn't quite hit the goal, but I hit yesterday's so I think that counts. I was kinda upset about going to sleep because I was really feeling it. But I just couldn't. :(

However, I just woke up because of a terrifying dream. Normally I hate waking up from dreams without it having a definite ending, because that means I don't know how it ends: what is the answer to the puzzle, will that bear eat me, or am I going to die. With this particular dream, though, THANK GOD I did not stick around for the answer to any questions, not even "Did Melissa get that check to her mechanic?"

Melissa and I were driving down the main stretch of road between the next town over and our town, when she pulled into a parking lot to pay her mechanic for tires (something I knew she had to do in real life) but the only place to park was on this tiny little hill. Nothing new, this area is full of them. She drove over and parked, but as we were about to get out, I said, "I think this might not be safe," because the car was at a really extreme angle. So neither of us got out so she could move it.

But, before we could do anything, the car starting lifting up from the nose and tilting backwards. The small hill had transformed into a huge cliff and we were plummeting slowly down. As it was falling to land on its roof (I knew it would) I closed my eyes and thought, "Dear God, please let us be ok." We were falling really really slowly, and I looked out the window and could see the trees and rocks float slowly past and said, "Melissa?" I didn't turn to look at her and she just whispered, "I'm sorry."

Then I woke up.

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