Saturday, October 31, 2009

my subconscious is effed up

DUUUUDE! Just remembered the other dream! I guess I have to give background. Todd is the new German prof at Knox, Heather is a pysch prof..and that's about all. Warning: It's looong.

So, this girl Sam (I don't remember her name, but Sam will work) and I were messing around in the basement of the school (?) and we started wrestling (literal wrestling, this has nothing to do with sex). Then it was time for class, so we went to Todd's class, even though it was not German; Sam and I sat next to each other. She started whispering to me about something he said, and he stopped class and came and stood behind the two of us, so the entire class would be looking directly at us.
T: It seems that maybe we should make some things clear for the rest of the class, don't you think?
Me: What are you talking about?
T: Sam, wouldn't you like to explain to the class your new sexual orientation?
S: Um, not really. But I guess they can know that I'm a lesbian.
T: And Stef, what about you?
M: What about me?
T: Tell everyone about the relationship you and Sam have. Tell everyone about being a bisexual.
M: Are you fucking serious? (the class started clapping for us and as I burst into tears) Nothing about my sexuality should come up in class. I never said I was not straight. I don't like labels!

I ran out of the room, slamming the door (heard someone comment on how loud that was) and ran down the hall to where I know Sonja is teaching. I wait outside the room for her so I can complain about him, and the bell rings. People keep trying to talk to her and she keeps telling them that she doesn't have time. She needs to be somewhere, so in an attempt not to bother her I start walking away. But she sees me and yells down the hall, "Stef, what is it?" I turned around and she saw that I was crying and she says, "Oh God, please tell me its not about Todd again. I've gotten so many complaints about him..." "It's about Todd." She starts to walk toward a gingerbread house/cookies selling table and I said, "He tried to out me in class. He told everyone I was gay and I'm not."

At this point she turns into Heather, and she starts frantically walking around trying to sell all these cookies and shit for Christmas (I don't really get it...) I'm scurrying down the hall towards my locker (um, what? why is this suddenly in my high school?) and I see Molly so I yell, "Hey. Come to my locker and hurry." When she gets there, I can't figure out my combo to open it, so I'm just standing there like an ass, crying. It magically opens (quite literally, it just pops open) and there is a print out of the combination to get in. (I feel like the numbers are important - 0, 6, 13) Heather comes up to me, hands me a pile of book things and scurries away.

They are a bunch of hand-embroidered pictures of like, trees and pretty scenes. Molly tells me that this is how she's going to apologize for Todd's behavior.

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