Friday, October 09, 2009


I need to vent a few things.

1. Dear Facebook,
Stop suggesting friends to me that are from WoW. I do not care that I have one mutual friend. I have never met these people. I have no desire to meet my friend's "friends" from an online game. And on the very awkward occasion that I do meet these people, they refuse to use my friend's real name, and instead call her by her WoW name. This is not sane in my opinion. It is just a game.
Love, Stef

2. Dear Wow,
Yes, I played you for a mere 4 months or so. Yes, I enjoyed killing bears and spiders with my friend. However, now that you have taken over her life, I do not like you. I used to have a friend. Now the only time I see her is when her sister asks me to hang out. And by "see her" I mean, we exchange Hi and Bye and pretty much nothing in between. Quite frankly, you are a piece of shit game. You ARE JUST A GAME.
Love, Stef

3. Dear Friend,
You have become nothing to me. You do nothing but speak in WoW terms, to WoW people. I do not understand how staring at a computer screen for 18 hours a day can be fun. I do not understand how you can prefer to hang out with people who aren't actually real (the characters) over humans. I don't understand how having conversations in Vent & WoW is more fulfilling than in person - with people who liked you before you had to spend 18 hours a day playing a game. I don't understand why you want to spend Christmas with these people. Most importantly, I don't understand why you don't understand why it bothers people so much that this is what you do. I have seen you cry over this game. Get legitimately pissed over this game. Smoke a pack of cigarettes in 2 hours over this game. And now I'm watching you lose 2 friends over this game. And yet, it is just a game.
Love, Stef

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Mandy said...

Who's the second friend?