Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dream Time!

I was sitting in German class and we were doing partner activities; my actual German classmates were on one side of the room and people from my high school were on my side - Jordan sticks out the most.

So, Sonja is making us STAND UP and do our dialogues in front of the class, and Jordan and I do NOT want to do it (hmm, this all seems very realistic) so we're kinda like, "let's pretend like we didn't know what we were doing." Then, across the room, Julia & Erin get up and they walk to the water fountain where Julia starts throwing up. And the smell wafts over to me, and I have to run to the hall, where I start throwing up. I'm standing out in the hall washing my mouth in a sink (cause all halls have those, don't you know) and Sonja asked if I was ok. I just shook my head and then I think threw up again.

Then, from the other tent (oh, didn't I mention we were in one of those giant tent-like things that fairs have) we hear some screams. Turns out the flying octopus monster is back. And the only way to escape it is to get the historical team of awesomes together (ok, now where my mind came up with a term like that...) So, we're walking around and he keeps landing on people's heads and using his suckers on them. Then flies away. Then this man comes up to me and says "That woman over there (points to Sonja) says you know King Herod."

TIME OUT! 1. King Herod? and 2. Why would Sonja tell him this? TIME IN!

"Um, ok?" And he takes me onto a giant boat, explaining to me as we walk that I am in fact the reincarnation of King Herod, and I am the final Historical Awesomes Team Member they needed to find. Also, "You will find that your room is suitable for our long trip." As I'm asking what? They lock the boat and start sailing or moving, whatever ships do that aren't sailboats... A friend came on with me, but I don't remember who it was, and we start walking around my "quarters" looking at all the gold things and books. The captain comes in and starts yelling some shit about me not being allowed to touch these things and blah blah blah, so my friend is like "Do you know who you are speaking to? This is King Herod, so back off!"

As I am taking a book off the shelf entitled "The Complete History of King Herod" the previous man comes in and is about to explain my mission.

I woke up.

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