Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I missed the 300th post last post! So let's pretend that this one is. K? kay.

So last night I thought I had a night terror but according to the definition, people don't really remember them until later. But this was not a regular nightmare. This is from an IM session. The person in the store makes no difference.

o, it was like a regular dream, and i knew it was a dream...and lots of strange shit happened that i dont' remember the details of but then i was in a parking lot and i opened all my doors, while you (i think) went into the store, and it was on some back alley and these "hoodlums" were around not doing anything, til we got in the car and closed all the doors and then they started attacking the car this is where it gets real fucked up so i start screaming and throwing things, in real life - completely terrified, but i can't really make noise cause my throat is dry and i'm lying in my bed trying to wake up finally, i wake up, look around at all the shit i ruined while throwing stuff and thrashing around, get a sip of Kool-Aid from my bedstand and then worry that i woke up my dad and i just lay there, watchign tv...


then I woke up for real (but i legitimately thought i was awake the first time)

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