Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Ok. I have decided to say "Fuck you" to all the people who are Debbie Downers. Welcome to my schedule for October.

The 19th - Driving on out to Knox for Homecoming

The 20th - Gonna hit up the German Club meeting

The 21st - Senior Meeting and/or Karaoke Night

The 22nd - German Table (?) and Jazz Night

The 23rd - Actual Homecoming Events

The 24th - Saturday = Get Drunk With Cool People Day

The 25th - Realize I can not stay at Knox forever even though I would prefer it

The 26th - (or late 25th) Drive home with Molly

The 27th - I'm thinking the Spillway, maybe the Penny Bar

The 28th - Spillway raincheck day


Amelia said...

the 24th. am i a cool people?

yellowpansy15 said...

yes. as long as we aren't near a bar, lol