Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I want to move. But I don't know where. Because I could move to Edinboro and then I could work in Erie, hopefully the zoo. I could move to Galesburg and be happy (but there's always the fact that I can't let go of that part of my life). I could move to Sellersville and pretend to be happy living with ninety cats that meow obnoxiously (FTR, I wouldn't be completely happy because I have no friends there).

I can't really handle being here anymore. Today was pretty much the last straw. You know, the final nail in the camel's back, that kind of thing. For one, a friend told me that we couldn't hang out because there are only three spots on the couch and they were all taken. She made no comments about being tired from work, having to work tomorrow, nothing...she also said she could fit me in Thursday night for Project Runway.

Two, people keep making comments about me not having a job... Let's examine things. Number of applications I've turned in: 11. Number of interviews: 3. Number of job offers: 0. Also, I need a week off in October if I get a job. I've already made the plans, it's basically paid for, I'm not going to just forget about that because of getting a job. And no amount of people telling me that this is stupid is going to change my mind. I'm not throwing away $200 because people waited three months to give me a call back. I am also sorry that you don't support my decision to go to homecoming. It is not my fault that you didn't make any friends in college. Get over it. Because I did. And there are people that want to see me. That miss me. That I miss.

Sigh. I was going to write so much more, but since I started venting in that last part...I've exhausted myself. That, and it's 3:50 am. Any advice is welcome.


Tasha said...

Come to Galesburg.

Rebecca K. said...

That sounds terribly depressing. What is up that friend's butt? Is it WoW?
I think that moving closer to supportive people sounds like a fabulous idea. Hopefully those supportive people also live in a good job market, but you know...