Monday, August 17, 2009

Today is Cray-Cray

It is currently 9:36 am. One may be wondering why I am awake so early. OH. It's because I have yet to go to sleep.

Since 7 am:
I went for a mile walk.
I did the dishes.
I got some gas.
Checked/read my Google Reader items.
I have 3/4 of a resume done.
I put my clothes from two weeks ago laundry away.
I watched Saved By The Bell.
I think I decided to give up on Grad School for the next five years.
I researched breast reductions.

UP NEXT (in no particular order):
Gather all the dirty clothes from my floor.
Take out the garbage.
Find the "Andy Dick" Anti-Fan Club.
Make breakfast! (Turkey bacon, egg & cheese...on a plate. We have no bread.)
Fix my eyebrows.
Maybe work on my Afghan.
Finish Amelia's German Cross-Stitch Spectacular Present.
Unpack the rest of my crap from Knox.
Clean the bathroom.
Feed/water the rats.

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