Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stupid Commercial

I just watched a commercial that was anti-marijuana.

1. "Do you want to make your mother cry?"
I would like to point out that my mother has never cried because I have smoked pot. I know that my mother has smoked pot. She doesn't care.

2. "You'll never get into a good college."
Um, ok. Because I'm sure this dude hanging out at a basement party was going to apply to Harvard. And even if he was, they don't ask you on applications if you've ever smoked pot. Nor do they test you. I got into a relatively good college and graduated - all the while having had pot in my past.

3. "Think about the team."
Yeah, again. I may not be the most athletic, but what? Having a hit off a joint would not affect your performance in the next game. Even if the game was immediately after. Who gets high the first time? Very few people. How long would one hit last? About ten minutes?

4. "Your future will be ruined." or something along those lines.
Yes. You will never get a job. You will never be able to have a relationship. You will never get a loan. You will live in a van down by the river if you ever touch pot.

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