Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Post Grad Dilemmas

I took a shower today. I think the 90% humidity from the last six days had finally gotten to my hair. I swear I had dreadlocks - very unintentional. If you are new to my showering practices...let's just say I welcomed in August on the 11th with a shower. Odd? yes. Disgusting? a little. Do I Care? not really.

I want to go to homecoming. I want to see my fellow German Club members that I only got to spend a few short months with. I want to stare at the beauty of see Sonja and Tim. I want to see any Sigma Frye members that are still lingering around Knox. I want to drink a Caribou Lou and do karaoke. I want to tell her that I appreciate everything she did for me. And that I'm sorry that I just walked out on that last day without telling her thanks or bye or anything.

I do not want to go to homecoming. I don't want to relive the many times that I thought about transferring/dropping out. I don't want to see all the people I miss. I don't want to have to leave again. Most importantly, I don't want to ever see Knox again, knowing that I am now unable to get a job because people think I'm too good for them because I have a degree (or two). Can you say "Resentment?"

I'm slightly worried about the money for getting there and surviving. You know, I need to eat... It's not like I'll have to call off work or anything. (Fuck you Meadville.)

Do I want to sit on a train for 12 hours? not really.
Am I going to do it? probably.

Now that that's settled...
I asked my mom if she would pay for me to take the GRE, since I'm po' as hell. She asked what it was, and when I said "It's kinda like an entrance exam to Grad school," she said, "Well why would you want to take that. You don't need it."

"Um, except I fucking told you that I have to go to grad school if I want a job in my future."

sigh...Now I've gone and upset myself. Because another person has negatived my idea on going to grad school (although unintentional, I'm sure).
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Fuwano Shouta said...

Ok I know this is old but I can relate to your mother's comment about the GRE. A lot of people in my family don't see the value of an education beyond something like a trade school.