Monday, August 17, 2009

A Few Drinking Games For You

So, I decided to list three of my favorite drinking games. Although not nearly as good as Meg McBlogger's Drinking Game Fridays... (btw, her blog is the shit...I got stickers, that's how awesome it is)

1. The Clue Drinking Game
Drink when:
- the cook is on screen (living or dead)
- (pick a character) whenever that person's name is said
- the doorbell rings
- lightning
- someone dies
- there is a communist joke (I didn't do that one, but...)
- there is a gay joke/comment
- Tim Curry says, "I'm a butler sir. I buttle." simply because.

2. The Jurassic Park Drinking Game
Drink when:
- Timmy says something annoying
- Lexi says something annoying
- Jeff Goldblum says something awesome
- someone dies
- the phrase "spared no expense" is said
- the phrase "hold on to your butts" is said
*and as a bonus, if you are not getting drunk enough: drink whenever there is a dinosaur on screen (fossils and animations count)
That last one was added in a rather intoxicating evening.

3. The Kung Fu Panda Drinking Game
Drink when:
- there is slow motion
and if that doesn't get you drunk enough...
- there is a fat joke made about Po
But really, there is so much slow motion, that unless you are drinking Zima, you are bound to be three kinds of wasted. Just in the escape from prison scene, you've got like 7 shots.

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Amelia said...

I wanna play! I wanna play! Godddd, I'm gonna miss you soooooooo much next year.

P.S. "I'm a butler sir. I buttle." LMAO.