Sunday, August 09, 2009

Dream Time!

Dream time!

So, I was at Aaryn's house and I was doing something, I don't even know what. When this family came through the back door thanking Kathy for allowing them in. They were all dressed in wedding clothes, and were apparently driving home from wedding rehearsal when their youngest got really sick. She was upstairs vomiting and the groom looks at me and asks what I'm doing tomorrow. At first, I thought he was hitting on me, but turns out he just wanted me to take the little girl's place because he liked my hair. Somehow, they have an extra dress that fits me perfectly, and they start to work on my hair. Just to see if they could pull off getting me ready. Then, I don't know, another girl gets sick and they ask Mandy to do it as well.

We're both sitting there, when I get up to go talk to Christopher. When I get into the computer room, Little Sonja is there. And we act like we are bestest friends. And Aaryn says, "What are you doing with your hair?"
"Oh, I guess I'm going to be in a wedding tomorrow."
Little Sonja: "Yeah, I heard about that. How strange." Then she asked me a question about a facebook quiz.

That's really all I remember.

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