Thursday, August 06, 2009

Day One of Sellersville

On my drive, someone passed me. And a child in the car held up a sign that said "Have A Gr8 Wednesday" I can overlook the use of gr8, because it made me smile. I was really frustrated by all the road work, the heat, the lack of a/c...

Also, saw two different graffitis: Douche Bag & Jesus Saves.
It has been my experience through blogs, IMs, texts and the like, that Douchebag is in fact, one word. However, it is immortalized as two on I-80 E.

Afghan update: Watched a movie last night and managed to get 3 more rows done! EEEE!

Rae has lots of cats. I have lots of cat allergies. Draw your own conclusion here.

I also like, that even though she is at work, and I am in her house, Rae & I are still chatting via we did when I was not in her house.

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