Sunday, August 30, 2009


Sewing List for Tomorrow:
  • fix hole in bag
  • fix jeans
  • sewing needle case
  • zippered bag
Other List for Tomorrow:
  • rearrange room for a craft corner
  • clean up the beer cans from Reba's visit
  • clean rat cage
  • figure out how to write a cover letter
  • apply for the most recent job I won't get

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I was going to update. But there is way too much going through my head for it to be coherent. Also, I will inevitably piss everyone off.

The end.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I just had the following two conversations with "Jen" from the place I want to work:

11:15 am
Me: Hi. May I speak to Brenda?
Jen: She comes in at noon today.
Me: Ok. Thanks.
Jen: *Hangs up.*

12:30 pm
Me: Hi. May I speak to Brenda?
Jen: What?
Me: May I speak to Brenda?
Jen: She's not in yet. Can I take a message?
Me: This is Stefanie and I'm returning her call from yesterday.
Jen: Ok. *hangs up*

Ok, Jen. Could you at least take down my number? Or I dunno, be nice?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The perfect egg is now in my upper GI tract. Delicious!

Off to Waldameer! Hope it doesn't rain too much.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh hi 5 am. Nice to see you.

Oh wait. No. It is not nice to see you. I should be asleep. Not watching 6 episodes of Family Matters.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Today is Cray-Cray

It is currently 9:36 am. One may be wondering why I am awake so early. OH. It's because I have yet to go to sleep.

Since 7 am:
I went for a mile walk.
I did the dishes.
I got some gas.
Checked/read my Google Reader items.
I have 3/4 of a resume done.
I put my clothes from two weeks ago laundry away.
I watched Saved By The Bell.
I think I decided to give up on Grad School for the next five years.
I researched breast reductions.

UP NEXT (in no particular order):
Gather all the dirty clothes from my floor.
Take out the garbage.
Find the "Andy Dick" Anti-Fan Club.
Make breakfast! (Turkey bacon, egg & cheese...on a plate. We have no bread.)
Fix my eyebrows.
Maybe work on my Afghan.
Finish Amelia's German Cross-Stitch Spectacular Present.
Unpack the rest of my crap from Knox.
Clean the bathroom.
Feed/water the rats.

A Few Drinking Games For You

So, I decided to list three of my favorite drinking games. Although not nearly as good as Meg McBlogger's Drinking Game Fridays... (btw, her blog is the shit...I got stickers, that's how awesome it is)

1. The Clue Drinking Game
Drink when:
- the cook is on screen (living or dead)
- (pick a character) whenever that person's name is said
- the doorbell rings
- lightning
- someone dies
- there is a communist joke (I didn't do that one, but...)
- there is a gay joke/comment
- Tim Curry says, "I'm a butler sir. I buttle." simply because.

2. The Jurassic Park Drinking Game
Drink when:
- Timmy says something annoying
- Lexi says something annoying
- Jeff Goldblum says something awesome
- someone dies
- the phrase "spared no expense" is said
- the phrase "hold on to your butts" is said
*and as a bonus, if you are not getting drunk enough: drink whenever there is a dinosaur on screen (fossils and animations count)
That last one was added in a rather intoxicating evening.

3. The Kung Fu Panda Drinking Game
Drink when:
- there is slow motion
and if that doesn't get you drunk enough...
- there is a fat joke made about Po
But really, there is so much slow motion, that unless you are drinking Zima, you are bound to be three kinds of wasted. Just in the escape from prison scene, you've got like 7 shots.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Ok, now for the real update.

I tried to get into my house last night, but my key wouldn't turn. Awesome. I ended up going to Aaryn's and not going to bed until 7:30 am. Awesome.

I have been across-stitchin' lately. I think I'm making things for my Sigma Frye lovelies. I haven't decided. Cause I made one for me. And I'm thinking that other people will be getting them too.

The more I do things this summer the more I realize things. (Hey, could I be more vague?)


So, the first entry today will be a dream. (Shocking, I know.)

I was at Aaryn's house talking with Kathy when the sky started getting really dark and ominous. (good use of ominous, I know) There was an orange section and I was taking pictures of the tornadoes (yes plural) that were forming. They were all in a line, like across the horizon, and Kathy told me that I needed to get into the basement and prepare. But that was all. So we are trying to get into the basement but things are in the way and we're pushing really hard to get through. We are finally able to squeeze through a crack in at the top and we all sit in chairs in a circle around the room. Finally, we could hear that at least one tornado was on top of the house and Kathy was like "Get ready. They'll be coming in soon." Then she looked at me and said, "You get yellow."

Now, I'm sitting there completely fucking confused, but I go with it. Anyone know Chuzzle? Those things come flying in like fairies do in Disney movies, with colored trails behind them. One goes to each of us and the yellow one stops in front of my face, looks at me and then...I don't really know how to describe it. It's kinda movies where spirits enter you and take over? But it didn't really take over me, it just felt like it did something to me. And the same was happening to everyone else. When they were done, we all yelled out the colors we had just had in us, and they switched people.

The colors I remember being shouted were Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Green. I'm pretty sure there were only 4 of us...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stupid Commercial

I just watched a commercial that was anti-marijuana.

1. "Do you want to make your mother cry?"
I would like to point out that my mother has never cried because I have smoked pot. I know that my mother has smoked pot. She doesn't care.

2. "You'll never get into a good college."
Um, ok. Because I'm sure this dude hanging out at a basement party was going to apply to Harvard. And even if he was, they don't ask you on applications if you've ever smoked pot. Nor do they test you. I got into a relatively good college and graduated - all the while having had pot in my past.

3. "Think about the team."
Yeah, again. I may not be the most athletic, but what? Having a hit off a joint would not affect your performance in the next game. Even if the game was immediately after. Who gets high the first time? Very few people. How long would one hit last? About ten minutes?

4. "Your future will be ruined." or something along those lines.
Yes. You will never get a job. You will never be able to have a relationship. You will never get a loan. You will live in a van down by the river if you ever touch pot.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Post Grad Dilemmas

I took a shower today. I think the 90% humidity from the last six days had finally gotten to my hair. I swear I had dreadlocks - very unintentional. If you are new to my showering practices...let's just say I welcomed in August on the 11th with a shower. Odd? yes. Disgusting? a little. Do I Care? not really.

I want to go to homecoming. I want to see my fellow German Club members that I only got to spend a few short months with. I want to stare at the beauty of see Sonja and Tim. I want to see any Sigma Frye members that are still lingering around Knox. I want to drink a Caribou Lou and do karaoke. I want to tell her that I appreciate everything she did for me. And that I'm sorry that I just walked out on that last day without telling her thanks or bye or anything.

I do not want to go to homecoming. I don't want to relive the many times that I thought about transferring/dropping out. I don't want to see all the people I miss. I don't want to have to leave again. Most importantly, I don't want to ever see Knox again, knowing that I am now unable to get a job because people think I'm too good for them because I have a degree (or two). Can you say "Resentment?"

I'm slightly worried about the money for getting there and surviving. You know, I need to eat... It's not like I'll have to call off work or anything. (Fuck you Meadville.)

Do I want to sit on a train for 12 hours? not really.
Am I going to do it? probably.

Now that that's settled...
I asked my mom if she would pay for me to take the GRE, since I'm po' as hell. She asked what it was, and when I said "It's kinda like an entrance exam to Grad school," she said, "Well why would you want to take that. You don't need it."

"Um, except I fucking told you that I have to go to grad school if I want a job in my future."

sigh...Now I've gone and upset myself. Because another person has negatived my idea on going to grad school (although unintentional, I'm sure).
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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Dream Time!

Dream time!

So, I was at Aaryn's house and I was doing something, I don't even know what. When this family came through the back door thanking Kathy for allowing them in. They were all dressed in wedding clothes, and were apparently driving home from wedding rehearsal when their youngest got really sick. She was upstairs vomiting and the groom looks at me and asks what I'm doing tomorrow. At first, I thought he was hitting on me, but turns out he just wanted me to take the little girl's place because he liked my hair. Somehow, they have an extra dress that fits me perfectly, and they start to work on my hair. Just to see if they could pull off getting me ready. Then, I don't know, another girl gets sick and they ask Mandy to do it as well.

We're both sitting there, when I get up to go talk to Christopher. When I get into the computer room, Little Sonja is there. And we act like we are bestest friends. And Aaryn says, "What are you doing with your hair?"
"Oh, I guess I'm going to be in a wedding tomorrow."
Little Sonja: "Yeah, I heard about that. How strange." Then she asked me a question about a facebook quiz.

That's really all I remember.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

My Scraphghan

Get it? It's made from scraps. "ph" sounds like "f"

Afghan now has 18 rows. It's awesome. I'm awesome.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Day One of Sellersville

On my drive, someone passed me. And a child in the car held up a sign that said "Have A Gr8 Wednesday" I can overlook the use of gr8, because it made me smile. I was really frustrated by all the road work, the heat, the lack of a/c...

Also, saw two different graffitis: Douche Bag & Jesus Saves.
It has been my experience through blogs, IMs, texts and the like, that Douchebag is in fact, one word. However, it is immortalized as two on I-80 E.

Afghan update: Watched a movie last night and managed to get 3 more rows done! EEEE!

Rae has lots of cats. I have lots of cat allergies. Draw your own conclusion here.

I also like, that even though she is at work, and I am in her house, Rae & I are still chatting via we did when I was not in her house.

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I just finished row six of my afghan. :)

I'm going to be in a suburb of Philly for the next couple days (length unknown; could be til Saturday, could be a week...) Sketch internet access. Don't worry though, I will attempt to keep you updated. :)

I also signed up for the Novel Writing Month Challenge. I would link, but that would take way too much work.

I miss Sigma Frye. And German Club. And everything about Knox, even the work.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


If you are reading this, I am probably not mad at you. However, if you are not, that means I am mad at you. Which means you will never know that I am, but whatever. I have some advice for the people that I am angry with: Stop. That is all.

I don't want to talk to anyone from Knox. It just makes me really sad.

I had another dream about Sonja. And I hate myself for it.