Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Woah, I'm Awesome

Today I accomplished so much, it makes me wish I woke up at 8 am everyday. Almost. I mean, it's 11 and I'm about to pass out.

So I got up to finish off my week of servitude, taking Grandma to her last two appointments for the next month. I really can't stand being in waiting rooms anymore, attempting to read, but being interrupted by Kathy Lee talking about how Palin is "feminism at work" or something because she has 4 kids and still managed to run for Vice President. (I'm almost positive one of them said President...which is just a sign that they should not be allowed to vote, if they don't even know who is running, but I digress). Then there was a discussion about whether she was allowed to make the decision to resign on her own, or if her fellow party mates (read men) convinced her it would be ok. And seriously, I do not care if she has a child with Down's Syndrome. So does the lady down the street from me...she doesn't get any publicity about it.

ANYWAY. After I finished at the creepy hospital and managed to get through nearly 50 pages of my book (an accomplishment which you would understand if you had been there), I went to my mom's. I had intended to sit around and be lazy. Maybe take a little trip around the block on the golf cart. I ended up digging up three mounds of potatoes, and helping to weed a flower bed. Then, because I like punishment (?) I offered to clean some of the slime out of her pond. It was gross, people, GROSS. Her friend stopped by, so they shot the shit for about 2 hours. My mother refuses to believe that she deserves a break now and then...And I'm glad she got one. She was
pissed, but whatever. She enjoyed her cigarettes while I forced them to listen to Hip-Hop Nation on XM Satellite. After she left, I washed all the potatoes and did my mom's dishes. I'm pretty sure there will perpetually be dirt under my finger nails.

I came home and made dinner for myself because my dad had already eaten. Then, miraculously, and accidentally, I found my wallet. I decided it was time to clean the ratties' cage, so that happened. I also finished my mother's revamped recipe box. This shit was ug-lee. Dudes, I could not get the dirt off it...Tomorrow, I have decided, I'm going to wake up around 9 and take a shower. After that I'm thinking I will make my mother's vacuum cleaner cover (because only lord knows why she wanted one). I will also try to finish my semi-secret crochet project, because I've been working on it way too long. I will either go to my mom's before that and work on it there, or not work on it at all. She wants me to come help her in the garden some more. And I have to say, I love it. The only thing that would be more awesome, is if there was a goat for me to play with while there.

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