Sunday, July 05, 2009

That's What She (or He) Said

Several phrases from the evening that made me wish Sigma Frye was there:

"You put that there while I get my stick ready."

"When I put this in there, it's just going to explode."

"Can I sit on your lap?"
"No, you're too wet."

"Can we put these here so they can get bigger?"

"Wow, that one is really black."

"Woah, that went everywhere."

"I wanna play with it now. It's my turn."

"Are you going back in? It's really warm in there."

"Oh look! There's two of them."

"I left it in too long. It started to disintegrate."

And my personal favorite, said by my two 9 year old male cousins:
"I've got blue balls!"
"Mine are red! Well, pink."

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