Thursday, July 09, 2009

Famous Last Words: Today Is Going to be Awesome!

Let me start by saying that today, was indeed a good day. That is, up until 2:15 when I panicked because I was supposed to already have left for my interview. However, Peggle totally distracted me. I decided to pee here before I left and so I did so, like any other day. Welcome to Hell.

I stand up after all is said & done, to realize that the bottom edge of my skirt went swimming...and I peed on it. Panic zwei sets in as I rifle through my closet in an attempt to find anything else nice...ANYTHING. I finally found something relatively nice, threw it on and got to my car. Then, I know there is roadwork so I have to go the long way, only to be stuck behind some dick set on going 5 mph under the speed limit. And when I finally get to Meadville, every light is red. Perpetually red. I thought about just making a bunch of left turns and calling them to be like, "Yeah, so...I'm trying, really."

Get there and there are four parking spots. All are full. So I park at the building next to...directly in front of a sign that says "Advance Cast Parking Only. Unauthorized Vehicles Towed." Um...well, let's hope they don't tow it. Cause I have four minutes.

Sit in waiting room for 35 minutes. Then the interview is half an hour - beginning with the words, "Sorry, our AC broke this morning." JESUS. All I could think about was saying, "Look, I'm parked illegally, could we speed this up?" and then eventually, "You know, I think I'll just go work somewhere else, this is taking too long for me." Good news, I escape to see a tow truck pulling into the parking lot. Needless to say, I have never pulled out of a parking spot so quickly in my life. I have no idea if it was for me or what, but I didn't get towed.

Bam. Day over...I don't care anymore. My room smells like pee from the aforementioned incident and we have no dryer. Sooo, guess I'll be seein Mom soon.

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Amelia said...

I enjoy how you tagged this as "Pee."

Sorry things didn't go so well.
Sounds super stressful, but I hope everything works out.