Monday, June 29, 2009

Today Was Strange

I have been incredibly productive today. I did dishes, I cleaned the rats' cage, and even though the bag spilled all over, I vacuumed it all up, and then cleaned the my room and vacuumed that - hence the pictures. After all that fun times cleaning, I sewed up a sewing machine cover for my cousin (which is my craft of the day).

Yup yup yup. Let's see. My rug is coming along well. It's about 8" diameter so far.

I finished my resume and sent it to the person stated on

By then, it was 4 pm, and I had been awake for 4 hours and then everything was all boring.

Soes, after that...Um, I started watching Family Guy season 3 on DVD. Yeah, so here we are, like six hours later...bored.

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