Sunday, June 21, 2009


I will start with yesterday's 'something cool' - a bonfire. Brought to you by four years worth of bio labs, German homework, two research projects, and some random papers from high school.

Ok, so let's get into the fun stuff.

I basically got a job yesterday at my ass-early interview, but I really don't want it. So, about ten minutes ago, I called Staples. She said she hasn't looked at any applications yet, but she was going to soon. (Hmm...I can't tell if this is a cop-out answer, or she's being legit.) Either way, I do not want to be a maid for the rest of my freaking life. I would rather be a busser at a restaurant than clean things again. Especially since the last cleaning job went so well (oh God, the amount of sarcasm in that last statement can't even be measured, it's so high).

BTW, started this blog post at 12:23, and it is now 1:01. I got very distracted.

Yeah, so. My grandma keeps insisting that I have a "graduation celebration." Yesterday, she called me and I was like "Well, I wasn't going to have one at all." As if she didn't hear me at all, "If you don't want to share the 4th of July party, then I can help you plan a different date." I passed kindergarten - I'm capable of sharing. I honestly just don't want to rub it in everyone's face that I actually graduated college even though EVERYONE in the family had been telling me that I wasn't good enough to. (Ok, I would totally love to do that, but that's just mean. Especially since how many of them have done that, like 4?)

So, it's Father's Day. My dad has been mowing our lawn since I woke up. I didn't get him a card, on account of my negative bank account. And I plan on making morsbags later today. He should probably stop so I can at least say "Happy Father's Day!" followed by "Thanks for paying for me to go to college."
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