Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Senior Week Begins!

Welcome to the Monday Edition of Senior Week!

I woke up at 8:50 for some ungodly reason and proceeded to do nearly everything in this world that I need to. I turned in my graduation profile and got my tickets. I returned the video camera. I printed and handed in my research paper. And then around 10:30, I started to feel really nauseated and realized it was because I hadn't eaten anything. That went on for hours, until about 1, when I finally passed out.

At 3:00 I had to say good-bye to Tim. For some reason it wasn't as hard as saying good-bye to Sonja. Strange.

After that strange ordeal, Molly & I went to Target in the 86 degree, 90% humidity midwest summer. No luck; we get to Walmart* and as soon as we're about to check out, it starts torrentially down pouring with thunder and lightning. We ran to the car just in time to miss the quarter size hail which proceeded to beat down on my car windows, putting me into a complete state of panic. I could not see the car parked next to me. About ten minutes later, we figure "Well, we should just try to leave." A mile later, completely clear. No rain. No hail. No tornado. No one on campus could figure out why we were stuck at Walmart* because it looked like a completely different city on campus than Seminary St.

After dinner, we played cards and Amelia came over and played cards with us. She is so damn good at poker. Who goes all in and wins on like a pair of 4s? Amelia does. We played with photobooth, which I will probably share, and I'm counting as part of SSWPE (number update tomorrow after the zoo).

Speaking of zoos, I'm going tomorrow and it's kinda like Christmas Eve. You get way too excited to sleep and you just keep thinking about all the cool things you're gonna see. I'm tempted to sleep in my car, just because I'm that excited. We're leaving at 8:30 and I am PUMPED.

Ich bin sehr sehr gl├╝cklich!

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Amelia said...

I don't know how I missed this post. haha. I was very much surprised by my poker win that night. :) Also, I have a quote from you saved on my phone from that night: "I need to shave my legs before we go to the zoo, otherwise the animals will think I'm one of them."

hahaha. :) Miss you.