Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Need to Blent (blog venting)

While I don't normally post about celebs and their crap drama, this one makes me slightly upset. And by slightly, I mean a lot. Anyone out there ever watch Jon & Kate Plus 8? Yes, you have. Don't even deny it. Well, the most recent scandal is that Kate has spanked one of the 8!


I kid, of course.

Now, I wouldn't actually advocate her doing it in public, but with a goddamn camera crew up your ass 24/7, it's really hard not to be in public. For reasons that will not be disclosed here, I have researched this "phenomenon" of spanking (I get bored, ok...I've also looked up the history of Rhode Island...). Children should never be spanked when you are angry; by the look of her face, Kate is angry. However, there are billions of people who have been spanked and are not serial killers. For example, my parents are just 2, which already busts the entire theory. And my grandma wasn't exactly slow on picking up the wooden spoon and taking care to discipline all four of her children. No one has been murdered by anyone in my family.

And although I can not make a complete judgment based on that set of pictures, it looks as though little Leah was hit about twice. To me, if this were abuse, Kate would be wielding a paddle, belt, or some other sort of implement and/or hitting her repeatedly until blood and/or bruising occurred.

For centuries, children have been disciplined through spanking. How is it, that all of a sudden it is considered abuse? Excessive spanking, yes. Beating your kids with sticks, yes. Not giving a swat or two when they misbehave.

And to really piss some people off...Half of those children are so badly behaved. Madelyn is a brat. There is no doubt, and there is no way anyone can argue with that. Perhaps being slapped on the butt is exactly what some of those spoiled brats needs...

**Blenting was created by my friend Mandy. Just wanted to give credit to the proper person.

I forgot to mention that this father in the Red Lobster in Peoria, IL spanked his son in the PUBLIC bathroom on my birthday. You should probably bitch about him too.

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Amelia said...

As a kid, I was spanked. With a belt.

And I don't plan on killing anyone. Ever.

Just saying.