Thursday, June 18, 2009


So, last night I had a dream about Sonja and German class.

She was splitting us up for a candidate again, and only the seniors had to leave (ie me and two people) and when she finally found me in the classroom, she was like, "Oh, well you've already met Celine Dion."

I go downstairs in GDH and there is food and candy all over the floor (that Sonja put there, apparently). This one lady kept eating all the candy and I heard that Corey (from German class) was having a diabetic attack and needed sugar. So I tried to get the last candy from her. I chased her up and down the stairs of GDH, past the classroom and all over. Finally, I got it from her and then she tried to attack me. So I get in the elevator (?) and she chases me through the elevators and eventually we get stuck, face to face. "Don't you care that you are about to murder Corey?" "I want my candy!" "He's going to die! Let me give it to him!"

I eventually get it up to the classroom and everyone is standing around him like he's dead. And I rush in, "I have the candy!" Sonja looks at me and says, "We were acting out a scene from the story that you are suppose to be reading."

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Amelia said...

haha omg. I love you. :)