Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday pt. 2

Because I don't want to actually work on my paper (I have three paragraphs of the discussion section now! And I printed out articles so I won't have to keep clicking through tabs on my Firefox. Progress), I am going to blog yet again.

I had to fill out a sheet about becoming an Alum, and it's a bunch of crap like what clubs you were in and such...Well, you know me, Miss Participant. It was looking a bit drab, but I finally got to the section about "Other" and wrote German Club!! (Exactly like that, !! and all)

Today, we were planning on getting our fridges out of storage. Someone never showed, so I had to do 2 by myself, and Molly helped me with one. If she hadn't, I think I would've died. But, they are still in my car because the aforementioned person still is not here. And one of them is hers.

In about an hour, we're going to head to Heather's for Sangria Saturday.

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