Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Dreams! More Germans!

Now my friends are dreaming about the Sonjas!

dukelover3130 (11:34:51 AM): oh man!...i think little sonja and big sonja were represented in my dream
steffikins72 (11:34:56 AM): ooh
dukelover3130 (11:35:06 AM): except it was not them but they were 2 german and daughter
steffikins72 (11:35:12 AM): aw, that's cute
dukelover3130 (11:35:23 AM): big sonja puked on the light switch in the hallway...
steffikins72 (11:35:25 AM): lol
dukelover3130 (11:35:31 AM): and bought us hot dogs to make up for it
steffikins72 (11:35:33 AM): lots its cute
steffikins72 (11:35:38 AM): lost*
dukelover3130 (11:35:54 AM): lol
dukelover3130 (11:35:55 AM): yep
steffikins72 (11:36:00 AM): i'll have to tell them
dukelover3130 (11:36:01 AM): but never saw the puke
dukelover3130 (11:37:05 AM): we were in the apartment and i think it was just me and someone else and then two german biddies come into my room and another room (where the bathroom is) and they are talking about random shit with me...then they leave and the light in the hallway goes in and me and the other person are wondering why its on
dukelover3130 (11:37:45 AM): i get hungry so i go to get food and then ive bought food already and i see them buying awesome looking hot dogs and fries and big sonja sees me and is like "oh no! i puked on your light"
dukelover3130 (11:37:51 AM): except it was the light switch im pretty sure lol
dukelover3130 (11:38:11 AM): and she was sad that i'd gone out to get food when she was buying food for me and 4 other ppl...
steffikins72 (11:38:23 AM): hahaha
steffikins72 (11:38:32 AM): i love the sonjas, even in dream world

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