Friday, May 29, 2009

Last Day of Classes

I'm sitting in my living room attempting to write my final undergraduate assignment EVER.

Unfortunately, there is a dinner party in the next room, my roommate is sleeping, and everyone outside is either throwing some sort of glass item at walls or screaming. I will probably update obnoxiously often in the next couple hours.

I decided it has been Senior Week since Wednesday around 2:30. We had finished our German movie by then, ish, and I really had nothing else to do. Let's see, I drank a little bit on Wednesday and then had the best trip to Taco Bell of my entire college career. Then on Thursday, Molly & I went to Flat Top in Peoria for dinner, then Old Navy, and then I got a book at Borders for $2.99. I hung out at Jazz night with the Sonjas (which ps made me very happy). So far today has been awesome (aside from cramp hell). Went to the bar with Heather and some other people, then the Broadview.

Aside from the loud as hell surroundings I'm dealing with right now, the paper is going well. I have 2 pages. Ok, so I started out the day with 2 pages, but not the point.

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