Saturday, May 02, 2009

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I love my roommates dearly, but half hour showers? With your significant other? When I have to pee? That is frustrating.

Anyone want to meet with Sonja for me? Intimidation does not sit well with me.

I just used's symptom checker because I wanted to know if I had a migraine or something else, and it told me I either have meningitis or an aneurysm. Good to know.

Remember that banquet I didn't want to go to? Well I was at work until almost 6:15, therefore did not make it. I sent them an email expressing my apologies. Because I really am sorry. And then my friends were like "We are drunk," so I went to pick them up. Then there was some stuff about a panic attack and some personal reasons, but now I feel like a shitty member of society. I couldn't even go the banquet that I was being honored at for being a senior...Crap. I hate guilt.

I picked my friends up from the bar and got a wonderful surprise upon exiting...someone had keyed my two spots. Greaaaat. Good thing I didn't like my car, oh wait. I did.

Saturday morning cartoons used to be so awesome. I miss Looney Toons or whatever the shit it was called. I want them back. But I don't know how to find them. Now all we have is Nickelodeon. Yeah. Spongebob - great. Fairly Odd Parents - fine. The Mighty B - crap. Back to the Barnyard - stop now. Dora - i'd rather watch grass grow.

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