Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Hate Security

Ok, so normally when I have to wake at an abnormally early hour, I stay up until 3 am and just deal with sheer exhaustion until I can finally pass out.

However, last night I went to bed at 10, with the hopes of getting in a good 8ish hours before having to trek to Chicago at 6 am. Two hours after finally falling asleep the fire alarm goes off. For the second time all year. For approximately twenty minutes. Now, if this consisted of an alarm that didn't make my ears bleed, I would've been ok with this. I hid in my bed and fell back asleep until security came in with their loud-as-hell walkie talkies. An hour and an email check later I'm back in bed (1:30 ish). I fall asleep.

THEN, I am woken by the LOUDEST banging on a door I have ever heard in my entire life. The kind of knocking the FBI does when you are hiding terrorists in your apartment. "SECURITY!" This goes on for about ten minutes because I'm too exhausted to know what the fuck is going on. I finally crawl out of my bed and mutter "I'm coming." He has already opened the door and semi came in. "I need to look at your fire alarm. Sorry." Then leaves. Literally says those words in the amount of time it takes to read them, and then peaces out.

No offense, security, but you could've looked at that, oh I don't know, ANY TIME BUT 3 AM WHEN I HAVE TO GET UP IN THREE HOURS.

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Amelia said...

So basically that whole situation described in this post SUCKS. But I have this to say: Kartoffelchips. :)